This Week in LoL eSports: Summaries and Highlights from EU and NA LCS Week 9 and LCK Week 10

This week saw the end of the 2016 Summer Split for the EU and NA LCS, but the LCK is still going stong.

If you're behind on current LCS standings, don't forget to read last week's article summarizing NA and EU LCS Week 8 and LCK Week 9.

And so, the end has come for the EU LCS and NA LCS Summer Split — but not without making some memories! Reaching the end of a season is always enjoyable in the LCS world. When the points are assured, most of the teams like to have fun with remaining games. Unusual team comps, riskier plays, and all around good fun entertained audiences this week as both the EU and NA LCS reached the end of their Summer Split. But fear not, fellow Summoners! It is not yet time for us to say good-bye until next season; the LCK still has one more week to go!

If you missed a match of the League of Legends Championship Series this week or didn't have time to watch them all, check below for summaries and highlights from the NA and EU LCS's Week 9 and the LCK's Week 10.


Week 10 for the LCK kicked off with CJ Entus vs. SKTelecom 1. SKT took the early lead by winning Game 1, but not wanting to go out without a fight, CJ took Game 2. Final victory for the set went to SKT in Game 3.

On Tuesday, Afreeca Freecs won Game 1 against Jin Air Green Wings, but JAG came back in Game 2 before claiming final victory in Game 3.

Wednesday saw two sets, KT Rolster against Longzhu Gaming and ESC Ever against SKTelecom 1. KT took the sweep, as did SKT.

This Week's highlight comes from ESC vs. SKT. SKT Bang's Ashe leapt in to steal a Baron and get a Triple Kill. Follow this link or skip to 3:53:23 in the video below to watch the play.

Continuing the pattern from Wednesday, Thursday saw MVP sweep Jin Air Green Wings.

Friday and Saturday once more had two sets a piece, with Longhzu Gaming vs. Afreeca Freecs, KT Rolster vs. ESC Ever, MVP vs. Samsung Galaxy, and CJ Entus vs. ROX Tigers. LZ took the first win, but AFS was not about to go down without a fight and took Game 2. Final victory went to LZ with the Game 3 win. The back and forth pattern also saw KT walk away with the set against ESC. MVP took the win in Game 1, but SSG took over and momentum brought them both the Games 2 and 3 win. The final set of the week saw ROX sweep CJ.

Heading into the Final Week, LCK standings are as follows:

    1. ROX Tigers 13W-3L 
    2. SKTelecom T1 12W-4L 
    3. KT Rolster 11W-5L 
    4. Samsung Galaxy 11W-5L 
    5. Afreeca Freecs 8W-8L 
    6. MVP 7W-10L 
    7. Jin Air Green Wings 6W-10L 
    8. Longzhu Gaming 6W-11L 
    9. ESC Ever 5W-11L 
    10. CJ ENTUS 2W-14L 


Week 9 kicked off bright and early Saturday morning with ties for G2 Esports vs. Team Vitality and Fnatic vs. ROCCAT. Then Splyce swept Origen while FC Schalke 04 tied Giants. Day 1 ended with a sweep for H2K against the Unicorns of Love.

Sunday also demanded several cups of coffee as Giants swept ROCCAT and FC Shalke 04 tied Team Vitality. Unicorns of Love swept Splyce, H2K swept Origen, G2 Esports swept Fnatic, and in the last set of the season, Team Vitality swept FC Shalke 04.

SPY vs. UOL Game 2 is a perfect example of the teams sitting back and having fun, with SPY Mkyx playing Support Sion -- and getting his ADC First Blood. Follow this link or skip to 10:31 in the video below to watch the play...and enjoy the casters' reactions.

And now for the final standings: I present to you the 2016 EU LCS Summer champions— G2 Esports with 38 points! The rest of the bracket stands as follows:

2. Splyce 33 points
3. H2K 27 points
4. Giants 27 points
5. Fnatic 27 points
6. Unicorns of Love 23 points
7. Team Vitality 18 points
8. FC Schalke 04 18 points
9. Origen 14 points
10. ROCCAT 12 points


Unlike the shift in the EU LCS schedule, the Final Week for NA LCS followed the standard times from the season. Friday evening saw TSM sweep Immortals. Team Envy took the Game 1 lead against Phoenix1, but P1 came back for Game 2 and walked away with the Game 3 victory.

This Week's highlight comes from the TSM sweep. All-time competitive Pentakill leader TSM DoubleLift adds another Pentakill to his collection to end the game and claims his 1000th career regular season kill. Follow this link or skip to 39:24 in the video below to watch both plays. If you only want to see the 1000th kill (and let me tell you now, it involves a Base Dive!), then check out the Tweet below.

Saturday kicked off with a back-and-forth set between Counter Logic Gaming and NRG Esports. CLG took Game 1, NRG Game 2, and then CLG Game 3. The same came of Apex vs. Liquid, with APX walking away victorious. Cloud 9 swept Echo Fox, and Phoenix1 got an early Game 1 lead but ultimately lost to Immortals.

Sunday saw NRG Esports give TSM a run for their money, but TSM walked away with the Games 1 and 3 win for ultimate victory. Counter Logic Gaming took a Game 1 lead against Apex only to lose in Games 2 and 3. Cloud9’s momentum continued as they swept Liquid, and the last game of the season saw Team Envy sweep Echo Fox.

The NA LCS 2016 Summer Split champions are TSM with 17 wins and 1 loss. The rest of the bracket stands as follows:

2. Immortals 16W-2L 
3. Cloud9 12W-6L 
4. Counter Logic Gaming 10W-8L 
5. Liquid 9W-9L 
6. Team Envy 8W-10L 
7. Apex 8W-10L 
8. Phoenix1 5W-13L 
9. NRG Esports 4W-14L 
10. Echo Fox 1W-17L  


The Week to Come

This coming Week will see the end of the Summer Split. Before we get ready for Worlds, we need to buckle in for LCK Week 11.

The Week will begin with Samsung Galaxy challenging Afreeca Freecs. Next up is another single set on Tuesday with ESC Ever against CJ Entus. Wednesday brings us two sets, SKTelecom T1 vs. Jin Air Green Wings and MVP vs. ROX Tigers.

One set on Thursday has KT Rolster taking on CJ Entus before Friday brings us both Afreeca Freecs vs. ROX Tigers and SKTelecom T1 vs. Longzhu Gaming. The Season will close with Jin Air Green Wings vs. ESC Ever and KT Rolster vs. Samsung Galaxy.

See you on the Rift! (Or YouTube. Because, you know, mornings.)

Published Aug. 1st 2016

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