[RUMOR] Gran Turismo 6 Features Moon Racing?!

Although we're not driving Ferraris on the moon just yet...

The Gran Turismo series has been synonymous for realism in the racing game genre since it's introduction in 1998. 

The new features for the latest in the series of the "real driving simulator" add an even more insane amount of detail. When driving at night the game simulates the accurate positions of stars and constellations as well as accurate positioning of sun during the Le Mans 24 hour race. The total vehicle count is now over 1,200 with 100 tracks to race on. There's even a GPS enabled feature just revealed on the Playstation Blog:

"The GPS Logger will employ the GPS function of your phone or tablet and Gran Turismo’s in-game Course Maker to recreate your everyday school run or work commute as a circuit – the trip to college or work will never be the same!"

The official Gran Turismo YouTube channel was also updated with the sixth concept video "Start your Engines". The video plays out like you would expect for a racing game... lots of cars.. lots of fancy camera work... set over a catchy song. Oh yeah... and it ends on the moon!

While no actual lunar gameplay has been announced, it's certainly catching people's attention and imaginations. So is Kazunori Yamauchi taking his racing simulator to the final frontier? With Call of Duty: Ghosts featuring space warfare and the feature film Gravity passing the $400 million box office milestone... could astronauts be the new zombies? 

Gran Turismo 6 launches on Playstation 3 on December 6th.

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Published Nov. 4th 2013
  • jackie keaton
    Hmm that would be a far fetch of a map, but then again, it sounds like something they could do..
  • Chad "Chuina" Albritton
    I am very excited for GT6. The new physics engines and the way the cars so realistically hit bumps and take corners has me pretty much geeking out. I am hoping they will announce a PS4 version but I somewhat doubt it will happen.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    What's sad... I can name every single one of the cars in the video.

    I watch too much Top Gear

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