Quirky vanishing platformer, Do Not Fall to hit PSN tomorrow.

Do Not Fall to release this Tuesday on the Playstation Network

Tomorrow, during Playstation's weekly update to the PSN, Do Not Fall will be released. As I sit looking through the trailer (embedded in this post) I can already see myself ripping my hair out and attempting not to throw my controller into my big screen. What looks like a cute kiddie game about a fuzzy animal looking for ingredients for his favorite soda, hides in it one of the most gut wrenching emotional experiences every gamer hates to love. The feeling of agony when you fall to your doom because you didn't make a jump, or you get bumped off a platform. 

There have been plenty of games that have used this formula and it seems, Do Not Fall, pretty much follows suit. The difference being the storyline being a bit weirder, and catered more towards multiplayer. The developers of the game, Taiwanese game house XPEC, began the development of the game with 4 players in mind and eventually added a single player campaign to add to its value. 

Do Not Fall will release tomorrow July 22, 2013 on the PSN exclusively.


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Published Jul. 22nd 2013

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