Lords of the Fallen 2 Set For Release in 2017

Lord of the Fallen 2 gains a release window, but loses a developer.

The follow-up to previously confirmed Lords of the Fallen 2 won’t be released until 2017 developer CI Games has confirmed.

Speaking to Eurogamer, CI Games boss Marek Tyminski revealed that the original Lords of the Fallen had surpassed 900,000 sales since its launch in October 2014. "We are over 900,000 units. Not yet 1m but we are approaching that. And definitely it's a good start for the new IP. Definitely we can say that Lords of the Fallen 1 proved the IP made sense."

Tyminski also stated that co-developer Deck 13 won’t be returning for the next instalment in the Dark Souls-like series

"We are not working with Deck 13 right now," he said. "We are starting the project, we start from the concepting, but we definitely will be working with a lot of partners."

Aside from CI Games and Deck 13 much of the development of the original Lords of the Fallen was outsourced to studios in China as well as the UK, a practice the developer looks keen to continue for the upcoming sequel.

At a certain moment of time, in China, we had more than 100 artists working on Lords of the Fallen. So what you see right now from Lords of the Fallen, a lot of that was created in China. It's a great experience and we learn a lot - what went well, what went really not so well - and we will be keeping that model for the future, including for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3.

Deck 13 is currently working on an as yet unannounced title with Focus Home Interactive. The game is expected to be unveiled at this year’s E3.


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Published May. 29th 2015

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