Turn on your phone during The Angry Birds Movie credits for a surprise!

Rovio is asking audiences of The Angry Birds Movie to turn on their phones during the credits to get a new game level

Rovio Entertainment, the creators of Angry Birds, is asking viewers to turn on their phones during screenings of The Angry Birds Movie. The reason? Players will receive a special in-game level for the Angry Birds Action! mobile game during the closing credits.

That's right. In a surprising turn of events, a game studio is telling you to turn on your phone while in a movie theatre. The special game level, Piggy Island, can only be unlocked in Angry Birds Action! by turning on the game during the movie's closing credits. How the process works is explained in the video below:

In order to unlock the level, players have to open Angry Birds Action! in the theatre, ensure the microphone is active, and once the red badge appears in the end credits they will unlock the new level in their game. This works by having the microphone pick up inaudible digital watermarks that play during the end credits. Once heard, the game unlocks the feature for free (aside from the cost of seeing the movie, that is).

While it's a bit strange for anyone to tell somebody to turn on their phones during a movie screening, if you've always wanted to be a rule breaker then there's no better time to do it! 

The Angry Birds Movie slingshots into theatres tomorrow, May 20th.

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Published May. 19th 2016

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