New gameplay trailer released for Harvest Moon Skytree Village

Natsume gave us our first look at Harvest Moon Skytree Village at E3 this week

Natsume released a new gameplay trailer for Harvest Moon Skytree Village at E3 this week. Although somewhat overshadowed by some of the more popular franchises, it is nevertheless an exciting release for fans of the series. In the trailer we see a little of the storyline and new gameplay mechanics of the upcoming title. We also finally find out what resources a Poitou donkey produces. (It's hair, by the way, for those of us dying to know.)

The game will feature an all-new storyline, new townsfolk to befriend, and new crops and flowers to plant. It also features a new fishing mechanic that allows players to fish from boats. Natsume is also introducing  a new feature in this version that we've never seen before. Players will be able to mold and sculpt the land on and around their farm.

Harvest Moon Skytree Village is on display at the Natsume booth at E3 this week. No word on a release date for the game yet, but hopefully 3DS players will be farming their way to fun and fortune very soon.

Published Jun. 14th 2016

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