Prius Online Coming Back as Arcane Saga

Prius resurrecting as Arcane Saga under developer's watchful eye.

Prius Online was an MMORPG that slipped under most peoples' radars thanks to a lack of advertising and being free to play. Crushed by the multitude of other free to play MMOs and gPotato's mishandling of the title, Prius Online sunk a mere year after release -- and the original developer has something to say about that.

Speaking with Massively, Netmarble producer Jon-Enée Merriex revealed that Prius is coming back with a new name, new attitude, and more fleshed-out content. Now dubbed Arcane Saga, Merriex claims they've altered the structure of the game itself to make it more palatable and fun for players.

Some of the changes mentioned include the Anima, skill, and leveling systems that seemed a bit half-baked in the original title. Animas will now cast skills along with their partners and skills will be doled out right at the start of the game (or class change), allowing players to put skill points into abilities as they see fit.

Check out the full interview with Merriex over at Massively. Will Prius Online be able to successfully revive as Arcane Saga? Many of the changes brought up in the interview make it seem like the title just may have a chance this time around.

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Published May. 30th 2013

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