Limbo Coming to IOS

A young boy wakes on a forest floor and tries to find a way home... How could anything go wrong?

Limbo is coming to all IOS platforms including iPhone 4s and 5, iPad 2 and iPad mini as well as the latest iTouch.Anyone else remember this little game that came out in 2010 during the Microsoft Summer of Arcade? It dripped with atmosphere, had interesting puzzles and was slightly horrifying for the tasks it asked you to commit.  It received numerous awards and with multitudes of praise from multiple sources of media.I couldn't have agreed more.  I loved Limbo and finished it in one sitting as I was wrapped up in its grim world and very minimal sounds added for just the right impact.  I have played it maybe six times through trying to get one elusive Achievement. I heavily recommend this game to anyone but also feel skeptical about this going to touch screen.The game really requests some very time sensitive jumps and actions that can be made more difficult when your hands all over the screen.  Quite frankly, I worry about the precision of the presses might not register right and cause unnecessary deaths.I have been surprised though. Limbo should be popping up in the App store on July 3rd.


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Published Jun. 26th 2013

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