Neko Atsume not giving you your cute cat fix? Try these kitty-centric Android games!

We all need more cats in our Android lives, right? Right.

Neko Atsume is great, but sometimes I want a little more active time with my virtual cats. Luckily there are literally hundreds of cat-centric games on Google Play that are fun, cute, and easy to play.

Following the Neko Atsume theme, the games listed here are Japanese cat games. Some are hectic, some are complicated, some aren't even in English -- but all of them are worthy additions to your mobile game collection if you just can't get enough cute cats.

Without further ado, here are the games you're going to be spending some time with to get your kitty fix!

Neko Sushi

Our first game is a far cry from the slow pace of Neko Atsume, but it quickly became one of my go-to games for wasting a couple minutes at a time.

Neko Sushi is a cute arcade-style game where you have to feed the cat the sushi of its choosing within the time limit. 

This game can be pretty stressful -- the conveyor belt goes faster the longer you go and you lose time if you give the cat the wrong sushi. It's a great time waster and trying to get a new high score is more than a little addictive. Much more fun than it looks! Grab it on Google Play.

Mocchiri Toraneko

Did you ever want to make cat-shaped Japanese treats? Me.. neither? But here I am, playing Mocchiri Toraneko. And you might be, too.

This game is a basic cooking and shop sim. It can be a little overwhelming if you don't know any Japanese, but it's a snap once you learn the basics, which are:

  • Pound mochitora
  • Grill mochitora, tapping on each one when it grows during cooking
  • Sell mochitora at your stall
  • Rinse and repeat

Villagers will ask you to fulfill orders along the way, and they want particular mochitora. Often these are just for specific mochitora, though sometimes they want you to sell a certain amount.

Orders can be hard to decipher without any Japanese knowledge, but ultimately it doesn't detract from the game. Making and selling the mochitora is plenty fun and easy, and you can see when you've fulfilled an order's requirements in the menu so the language barrier isn't too big.

Here are some menu translations to get you started:

Grab this lovely game on Google Play!

Kansai Cats

Finally, one that's in English! But it's not really a game.

Kansai Cats is a sickeningly cute management app packed with a ton of cats and features including battery power saving, manual volume control, a task killer, and a neat little sticky note companion app to post notes to your home screen.

It's just a nifty app to have if you have a thing for adorable cats doing adorable things, and the cherry on top is that it just so happens to be pretty useful. Give it and its companion apps a look on Google Play.

Tsumu Neko

I never thought "stacking cats" would be two words that fit well together, but it turns out they fit pretty perfectly.

Tsumu Neko is another arcade-style game has you stack cats onto a pillow to see how tall you can get your self-made kitty tower until comes tumbling to the ground.

See? Interesting combinations of words. Check out the gameplay pictures on its Google Play page. If you do decide to give it a try, here's a quick translation of the main menu.

This one's on the simple side, but it does have cats to unlock to make an even cuter tower. The only downside is it throws ads at you pretty frequently, but it could be worse. Still a fun game.

Neko-tan Laboratory

This one's almost too cute to mention, but it's got to be done. Neko-tan (full JP title: Nekotan Kenkyuujo) has you testing kitties in a lab to see how they mutate and grow based on their surroundings, food, and container. You, the ever-vigilant cat scientist, test and collect them.


This is a slower game unlike most of the others listed here and doesn't require much Japanese knowledge. You can get by without knowing any just by trying things out.

Neko-tan does require you to pop in every once in a while to feed your facilities more often and gather cats, but it's overall simple and very relaxing. The music is great, too.

You can grab it up on Google Play. It's worth noting there's another similar app with different features and art on Google Play named Kansai Nyanko Collection.


Did I save the best for last? If you like tapping or idle games, I definitely did. Even better is that it's relaxing and in English.

Nekonoke has you tap on cats to release furballs, which you swipe to pick up. You switch between cats, which are lured to your home at the scent of massive amounts of furballs. Though it's not that dramatic.

This one's super cute, super addictive, and just about perfectly fits the bill. There's not much more to say but this: play it! 

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Published Dec. 28th 2015
  • Rina_4823
    I'm also interested in Neko-tan Laboratory. It is similar to other amoeba games on the store, and I have clicked around enough to play, but I can't figure out the item-based mutation. for instance, the mikan kitty (i think) appears to require feeding the happy-crying kitty a cupcake in the thin bottle with a long neck. However, i didn't get any new mutations when doing that.

    To the other commenter - trying to spend real money should pop up a confirmation that you can cancel. Only the heart-shaped diamonds require real money, so don't click on anything with a heart-shaped diamond graphic.
  • Gata Girl
    Could you please add a translation for Neko-tan Laboratory? It looks like a great app but clicking randomly is getting me nowhere and the fact that this has in-app purchases has me hesitant to mess around with it. Thanks

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