The Most Ridiculous Moons in Super Mario Odyssey - Part 1

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After beating Super Mario Odyssey and discovering the amount of post-game content that still awaited me, I decided to retrace my steps and 100% the game. This meant collecting all the purple coins and, of course, the Power Moons. I realized very quickly that this was easier said than done, as Nintendo got pretty creative when it came to hiding these Moons. 

What better way to document my progress than with a silly internet listicle? As I go through the game, I'll be choosing one Moon per Kingdom, with every five Moons being a new article!

So, what exactly lands a Moon on this list? Well, what I'm calling Ridiculous Moons fall into any of these three categories, which are not mutually exclusive:

  1. A moon so hard to get I had to stop trying out of frustration.
  2. A moon that's extremely easy to miss.
  3. A moon that's so conceptually hard to find that I needed the Internet's help.

And as an obligatory warning, I'd recommend not reading this article until after you beat the game, because as you may expect, SPOILERS ABOUND!

Let's get started!

Published Nov. 6th 2017

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