Ironcode Gaming Announces New Tower Defense Game: Knighthold TD

Ironcode Gaming has announced a new upcoming tower defense game: Knighthold TD.

Ironcode Gaming, creators of the Pahelika adventure series, have released an announcement about a new tower defense game they are creating called Knighthold TD.

Ironcode Gaming is a globally based game developer and publisher. Currently their focus is on creating and publishing games for the PC, iOS, and Android markets. Ironcode is currently based out of Noida, India, creating games for genres such as action, adventure, strategy, casual, and more.

"A humourous tower defense game featuring ridiculous enemies, killer towers, huge bosses, nasty minions, and a lot of boom boom!"
-Ironcode Gaming

Their new game Knighthold TD, is as the name says, a tower defense game. Your objective is to defend Edward Faintheart III, the royal king. The game begins when the king is attacked out in a camp by bandits without his royal guard to protect him, and you take control of the men in the towers nearby to defend him.

Knighthold TD is slated for release in Q4 2014. It's expected to be released on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android systems.

For more updates on the upcoming website, future pictures, and more you can visit Ironcode Gaming's blog here.


Published Jul. 28th 2014

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