More Pokemon Sun And Moon Information Heading Our Way

Fans looking forward to more information being unveilded at 10:00 JST on August 12th.

There will be new information on Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon on August 12th, according to a tweet from The Pokemon Company in Japan. We recently got a wave of new information in the past week or two which included several new Pokemon, Alola forms, Poke Ride, Z Moves, Trials, Captains, and Kahunas. 

There has been no information given or hinted on what the information is about. The information will be unveiled around 10:00 JST, and if the last few trailers are anything to go by we may see more new Pokemon and new features. I highly doubt Gamefreak or The Pokemon Company will give away much in the way of a storyline since the game is finally getting a brand spanking new formula change. 

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will release on November 18th in the USA and Japan, and November 23rd in EU, and it is a Nintendo 3DS title. 


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Published Aug. 8th 2016

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