War Thunder- Single Player Missions!

Challenge your inner-pilot with fun yet sometimes difficult ways to getting experience!

Ahoy everyone! Ever wonder what it would be like to fly on a top secret mission back in world war II? Being outgunned, outmatched, and even out of your mind taking on the allied or axis forces? Well now you can, in War Thunder’s single player and co-op missions. Fly solo or co-op with some buddies or total strangers! Create custom battles to challenge you and your friends by going up against all odds or devastating the enemy! You can even start a grand campaign and keep track of what areas you were successful in and which areas you were defeated all leading up to whether you win or lose the campaign!

What Do I Get For Doing These?

Well first off, you get experience in more ways than one. You get experience in flight formation, which really can be tough to do since everyone has their own style of flying. You get experience from completing the mission, which is basically a way to get that last bit of experience needed for that new plane! However once you have completed that mission on said difficulty you can no longer receive that experience.

What Types Of Missions Are There?

Not all missions will be attacking or defending missions, however there are missions like that. Some missions just have you following simple way points to help with your maneuverability, those are the missions which are really easy and can be done on the hardest difficulty. There are other missions where you have to evade and lose enemy planes, then land near a specific point and then take off and go to another way point. There are a wide variety of missions to choose from but you have to gain levels to unlock more missions by playing competitively. 


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Published May. 6th 2013
  • Mike_4232
    deleted, meant to reply to other comment
  • Carmenere
    This game has amazing potential... with one HUGE notable exception: They made the "realism" of a pilot being shot, occur FAR TOO OFTEN. So often in fact, it completely ruins the fun/gameplay of what could have been an AMAZING game. It's so incredibly awful, so blatantly broken, that I actually deleted the game. It's really... that... bad. Don't waste your money and/or time until that "feature" is removed/fixed. You've been warned.
  • Mike_4232
    You can upgrade the health of your pilot to reduce the probability of this happening.

    Sure it is DAMN anoying when your unmarked bomber gets taken out on its 1st hit, but imo it doesnt happen as often as you suggest even without any points into vitality.... and as i said, it happens less often with experience. (for the record I am biased, this is my GOTY and I havent even decided what to spend any money on yet, so still on the fully F2P model, I will be giving the devs something however).

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