Top 10 Minecraft 1.9 game expanding mods

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Minecraft is a phenomenal game that grants the player the freedom to create anything that their imagination can conjure up. Vanilla Minecraft can at times feel lacking, however, often leaving the player craving for more content. It is this desire for content where the modding community is here to serve.

Over the years, modders have created thousands of mods of all kinds of different forms. Whether you are looking for new items and crafting recipes, new lands to explore or texture packs, there is always a mod just for you. With the update to Minecraft 1.9, a lot of older mods have become obsolete, at least until they receive an update from the creators.

Are you feeling the need for more content in your Minecraft experience? If so, here are my top 10 game expanding mods that are compatible with Minecraft 1.9, in no particular order.

Published Apr. 5th 2016

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