Level-5 Announces and Releases Yo-Kai Watch World for Smartphones in Japan

The Japanese franchise gets its own alternate reality game.

During the Yo-Kai Watch 5th Anniversary stream, Level-5 announced the launch of Yo-Kai Watch World for Android and iOS smartphones in Japan with a new trailer

Developed by GungHo Online Entertainment, Yo-Kai Watch World has players encounter Yo-Kai in the real world in order to collect them and fill up their Yo-Kai Encyclopedia. The in-game search function must be used to search for nearby Yo-Kai, which can be seen once they're located by tapping the Yo-Kai icon that appears. They'll have to be chased down before you can battle them.

Once the player has reached the located Yo-Kai, a battle will start. Battles in Yo-Kai Watch Word are a simplified version of those seen in the main Yo-Kai Watch series, with three on three combat with both regular and special attacks. Once defeated, you have a chance of befriending the Yo-Kai, although it's unclear if your chances are increased by giving Yo-Kai food as in the main series.

Another way to befriend new Yo-Kai is by planting Yo-Kai Trees in certain areas. The trees will attract more Yo-Kai, giving players a higher chance of befriending Yo-Kai that they haven't encountered yet.

In addition to battling located Yo-Kai, players can also engage in Advent Boss battles, which feature strong boss Yo-Kai that may give special rewards when defeated.

A feature unique to Yo-Kai Watch World is that players are able to have their Yo-Kai "possess" other players, which will allow them to bring back Yo-Kai from other areas without the first player having to travel there. The possessor Yo-Kai may also return with special gifts. Additionally, players can command them to plant a Yo-Kai Tree in another area.

Yo-Kai Watch World is available on iOS and Android in Japan.CoroCoro Comic also uploaded a video with seven minutes of gameplay on their YouTube channel.  It is currently unknown if Yo-Kai Watch World will launch outside of Japan. 


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Published Jun. 27th 2018

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