EPOS H3 Hybrid Headset Review: Little Bass, Lots of Comfort

It may not deliver strong bass or a studio-quality mic, but the EPOS H3 Hybrid is a great option for anyone who is calling, jamming, and playing on the go. 

With remote work and cloud-based gaming, people are working and playing from anywhere and on any device. From home offices and living rooms to corporate conference rooms and coffee shops, more people are connecting remotely for their work before bouncing to their PC, console, or handheld to toss a “Hail Mary” or two in Halo Infinite. A dynamic schedule calls for a dynamic headset, which is exactly what EPOS has in mind with their H3 Hybrid gaming headset. 

No matter where you are, what you’re doing, or how you’re connecting, the EPOS H3 Hybrid headset is designed to fit perfectly in every area of your life. From taking phone calls to squadding up in Battlefield 2042 — or both at the same time — the H3 Hybrid is designed to fit your needs. It may not deliver strong bass or a studio-quality mic, but the EPOS H3 Hybrid is a great option for anyone who is calling, jamming, and playing on the go. 

EPOS H3 Hybrid Headset Review: Little Bass, Lots of Comfort

Sound Quality

As someone who prefers plenty of bass in their audio mix, the lack of deep tones was the first thing I noticed during my time with the H3 Hybrid. While the headset delivers weak bass at best, it does deliver a more natural sound with plenty of clarity that many could argue gives players the upper hand in competitive play.

It was always easy to hear footsteps in Halo Infinite or pick out the finest details from an in-game soundscape. Unfortunately, the flat sound profile doesn’t deliver the deep tones that help bring a roaring engine to life or capture the explosion of a grenade on impact.

EPOS' Gaming Suite software delivers a robust library of customization options for PC users that help fine-tune your sound profile and hit the sweet spot no matter what game or programs with which you spend your time. The software touts a 9-band equalizer, giving you the power to boost those lows and highs as much as you’d like, while four custom presets are ready to help you jump right back to the right setup for your situation.

So while the H3 Hybrid may bring plenty of clarity and detail, its lack of deep tones leaves a lot to be desired for players on console and mobile who can’t easily add bass through the headset’s software or a third-party tool.


EPOS makes up for the H3 Hybrid’s lackluster low tones in functionality. This headset is designed with power users in mind, connecting to devices across Bluetooth, USB-C, and 3.5mm audio cables. From mobile devices and PCs to PlayStation and Xbox, EPOS designed this to be a go-to headset. The H3 Hybrid easily connects over Bluetooth with a traditional pairing process and two-button design — one for power and another for Bluetooth connectivity. 

A Smart button is baked into a volume wheel on the right ear cup, giving you the power to pause audio, answer calls, or switch profiles on the fly. Dual connectivity gives you the option to use two devices at one time, eliminating the need to take your headset off for calls or to check your phone between matches in-game.

The volume wheel controls the wired device’s audio while Bluetooth audio can be controlled directly on the connected device. It may not be the most convenient option to have two independent volume controls, but it’s simple enough to work well and get the job done.

The Smart Button is a nice feature, but it’s less intuitive as compared to other headsets on the market. I constantly wished that the H3 Hybrid had the near-universal functionality of tapping to pause and control music. While it’s not a deal-breaker, anyone who has gotten used to controlling their audio directly from their headset may feel like they’ve taken a step back here.

With multi-device users in mind, EPOS chose an easily detachable microphone to bring into the mix. Fans of Antlion’s ModMic wireless will feel right at home with the H3 Hybrid’s boom mic, which snaps to the left ear cup and creates a tight fit that feels as connected and secure as any traditional headset boom. The mic snaps off with ease, making this the perfect option for anyone who needs quality audio but who doesn’t want to look like an air traffic controller in public.

If you have to take a call in a pinch and don't have easy access to the detachable mic, a secondary microphone baked into the left ear cup is there to get the job done. It's discreetly hidden above the power button, keeping it out of sight and limiting the chance that it could be brushed or tapped during a call. 

Rather than relying on a dedicated mute button to toggle the mic on and off, the H3 Hybrid uses a much simpler solution: raise the boom mic to mute, lower it to chat. As someone who spends the majority of time muted in-game, this is a great way to quickly make a callout or a comment to a teammate without having to fiddle with a small physical button. The headset also delivers great active mic monitoring across every device; it’s a subtle touch that many companies often miss the mark on.

The detachable mic may not bring the same level of quality of a dedicated desktop microphone or an accessory like the Antlion ModMic, but EPOS delivers clear comms with active monitoring that helps you stay in tune with your audio. From work phone calls to in-game party chat, the H3 Hybrid’s mic offers more than enough quality to get the job done. 


“Ergonomic ear cups'' may sound like a gimmicky marketing term, but comfort truly is an area where the H3 Hybrid excels. The ear cups are soft to the touch, creating an over-ear experience that is both comfortable and breathable during long sessions. The ear cups themselves are hinged and connect through a stainless-steel band with plenty of flex while keeping itself firmly in place.

While it may not seem like much, the added movement in this design creates a more comfortable experience as compared to many similar products. 

The leather and mesh headband provides plenty of padding that doesn’t bring the ache and fatigue that can come with many cheaper alternatives. While my Xbox Wireless Headset can make my head a bit of soreness three or four hours into a session, the EPOS H3 Hybrid is plenty comfortable to keep me satisfied throughout the day.

Battery Life

The H3 Hybrid boasts an impressive 37 hours of Bluetooth battery life on a single charge. That lifespan drops to a respectable 24 hours when listening over a wired connection, with the headset tapping out at 19 hours when using dual connectivity to bridge multiple devices.

To put its comfort to the test, I used the EPOS H3 Hybrid as my daily driver across every device for one week. That’s three hours of gaming on console, eight hours of office work with ambient music and Teams calls, and two hours of content creation in the evenings.

The H3 Hybrid performed flawlessly throughout the day without issue, bringing enough battery power to last throughout the day with plenty left over for days to come. When the battery is tapped out, USB-C doubles as a way to connect your headset to your device and a charging solution, letting you boost that battery back to full without interrupting your session. 

EPOS H3 Hybrid Headset Review — The Bottom Line


  • Plenty of versatility for multiple devices
  • Comfortable enough use for the entire day
  • Incredible battery life


  • Flat sound profile
  • Limited onboard audio controls

With a steeper price point of $180, it’s hard to argue that EPOS has delivered a top-tier value with the H3 Hybrid. While the overall build quality, comfort, and functionality of the headset are hard to beat, the headset comes up short when it comes to the most important feature: sound quality.

However, anyone choosing the H3 Hybrid exclusively for its versatility and compatibility won’t be disappointed; it’s a headset that really can fit the needs of any area of your life. So long as you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of bass in the process.

[Note: EPOS provided an H3 Hybrid gaming headset for this review.]

Our Rating
It may not deliver strong bass or a studio-quality mic, but the EPOS H3 Hybrid is a great option for anyone who is calling, jamming, and playing on the go. 

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Published Dec. 7th 2021

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