Brain It On! Level 32 Guide

A guide to make the balls touch the ground for Level 32 of Brain It On!

Brain It On! is a challenging mobile game that tests players with various levels of physics puzzles. 

As addicting as it is challenging, Brain It On! players will have to draw shapes, lines, and random squiggles in order to pass whatever level they're on.

Level 32 Breakdown - How to make the balls touch the ground

In Level 32 you have to grab 2 magnetic balls off their magnets at the same time and subsequently flip them over to make them touch the floor.

Step 1 - Draw a double clamp around both balls

As you can see in the video above, you have to first draw a a clamp that goes around the left ball, drags along the top, and then around the right ball.

Step 2 - Tilt it

When that clamp is falling it will fall straight on its back every time unless you intervene and flip it over while it's falling. 

Right as you let go of the clamp, make sure you hold down your finger in this area on the right side:

This will make sure the clamp flips over and the balls fall flat on the floor instead of inside the clamp.

You Win!

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