What Is Illusion-Be-Gone in Grim Dawn?

Several new items have been added to Grim Dawn with recent updates, including the Illusion-Be-Gone, which lets you change the appearance of weapons and armor.

As development on Grim Dawn has been active since the game released in 2016, a huge amount of new equipment and loot has become available to perfect your character build (if you have the patience to grind for it).

With a host of new items and mastery classes arriving in recent patches and DLC content, anyone coming back into the game after a lengthy period away may not know what everything is meant to actually do.

Much like the transmogrification from Diablo or similar effects from a host of other ARPGs, Grim Dawn added in the ability to change the appearance of equipment with the Ashes Of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods expansions.

Your perfect equipment lineup may give the stats you need but not give you the visual aesthetic you want, which is where illusions come in handy. But what about when you no longer want an illusion in place? That's where you need to grab yourself an Illusion-Be-Gone.

What Does Illusion-Be-Gone Do?

Adding illusions to your inventory in Grim Dawn is fairly expensive at 6,911 iron bits a pop. That's a total of more than 50,000 iron bits if you put an illusion on every piece of equipment and are using a shield or dual wielding.

The newly added illusionists are now found in two main locations on Cairn:

  • Paulia: Inside the gates of Devil's Crossing (near Ellis the Quartermaster)
  • Wevala: Near the eastern exit to Coven's Refuge (near the shrine where Matron Malostria is standing)

Rather than spending more iron bits to change the illusion back to its original appearance, you can use the Illusion-Be-Gone item to automatically remove a single illusion on any piece of equipment. This works on weapons and armor. 

To use it, just right click the Illusion-Be-Gone jar, then left click whatever inventory item has the illusion you don't want to use anymore (just like if you were adding a component to a piece of equipment).

Where To Find Illusion-Be-Gone

Want to grab an Illusion-Be-Gone? They don't cost anything and are available for free from Kory The Keeper, who stands in front of the main gates to Devil's Crossing (right next to the salvage dealer). This is who previously handed out backer rewards to players who supported Grim Dawn's development on Kickstarter.

After approaching Kory The Keeper, choose the dialog prompt "I'm tired of these illusions" followed by "Receive Illusion-Be-Gone" and Illusion-Be-Gone will be added to your inventory immediately.

Unfortunately, you can only grab one at a time from him, since you need to following a dialog prompt to get them. He also won't give you a new one until you use the old one. Weirdly, you can't buy them in bulk anywhere at the moment, so you have to remove illusions one by one.

An Illusion-Be-Gone takes up four squares in your inventory, so I recommend dropping it into smuggler's item stash until you actually want to use it to ditch any given illusion.

Note that since Illusion-Be-Gone is a soul bound item, it can't be placed in the item transfer chests in the smuggler menu for transferring to another character. That's not a problem though, because you can just grab another one for free from Kory with your other characters at any time.

 My shaman/necromancer is wielding a two-handed mace
with an illusion to look like a scythe

What's your favorite illusion to apply to your weapons or armor? For more tips and tricks, check out our other Grim Dawn guides here:

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Published Apr. 24th 2019

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