Get Up Close and Personal with the New Xbox One Elite Controller

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One of the biggest surprises from Microsoft at E3 wasn't a new game, but instead, some new hardware. The Xbox One Elite Controller is Microsoft's new, premier handheld. It's fully customizable in a way no other controller has (without extensive hardware modding at least), and improves on the problems with the original Xbox One controller.

It also has a starting cost of $150, so there's a good chance many of us won't ever get to play with it. But today, we can at least pretend this magnificent piece of hardware is sitting on our coffee tables, thanks to GameReactor.

Published Jun. 29th 2015
  • Ryan Martinez
    That's a day one buy for me, it was the most exciting part of Microsoft's E3 conference for me. Love those bottom triggers.
  • Stephen Johnston
    Can we trade our Day One controller in for these? #sourGrapes
  • OrganisedDinosaur
    Day one buy for me. Was hugely disappointed by the Xbox One controller after the 360's perfection. It was actually a step back for me. This looks fantastic. Just hope the bumpers aren't total garbage again.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    That's one perrrrrty controller.

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