Digimon World Next Order Floatia City Upgrade Guide

Check this guide out for help with upgrading Floatia city in Digimon World Next Order!

The main city in Digimon World Next Order is Floatia. This is where you can get multiple daily rewards and activities. It is also where a lot of the story takes place and where you can train your Digimon.

It starts off as a small village, but it can expand into a huge city with several districts as you recruit more Digimon. I'm here to let you know how upgrading the city works.

This guide will go over everything about Floatia City including:

  • How to Upgrade Floatia - What you need to unlock the expanded city and how upgrading works.
  • Districts and Buildings - The different districts and buildings you can get for the city.

How to Upgrade Floatia

As you recruit Digimon to the city, you open new functions and increases the Prosperity of Floatia.

To get the expanded city, you need at least 15 prosperity. If you don't get the city after that, continue through the story until you recruit Taomon. I had both of these at the same time, so not sure if Taomon is also a requirement.

Building Upgrades

Before you can start upgrading, you need Veemon to join the city. You can find him at the entrance to the Server Desert - Noise Storm.

Talk to him to find out that he and Togemon had a fight. After that, head to the Server Cemetery to talk to Togemon. Offer to help with Veemon, then go back to talk to Veemon. He will join the city to upgrade buildings.

You can also go back to Togemon and get him to join. Togemon will sell battle items in the item shop.

Upgrading Basics

Now that you can upgrade, let's go over how it works. You can walk to the Central district, or press options and select "Central-Builder". This takes you to the building where Veemon is and lets you upgrade building.

Upgrading a building will add new functions or items. Each upgrade takes an in-game day and requires materials. The upgrades will tell you how many materials you need and how many you have.

digimon world next order building upgrades

Districts and Buildings

There are 5 districts in Floatia: Central, Business, Agricultural, Research, and Entertainment.


  • Jijimon's House - You can get items daily from here.
    • Upgrading increases the amount you get.
  • Warehouse - You can store items here.
    • Upgrading increases the amount and type of storage.
  • Builder - This is where you upgrade buildings.
    • Upgrading this reduces the amount of materials you need for upgrades.
  • Sender - This is where you can pay Bits to fly to an area you have visited before.
    • Upgrading reduces the cost.


  • Item Shop - You can buy several types of items here.
    • Upgrading this increases the types of items they sell.
  • Hospital - You can cure several conditions and buy medicine and other condition healing items.
    • Upgrading reduces treatment costs and increases the types of medicine on sell.
  • Restaurant - You can buy special meals to feed your Digimon here.
    • Upgrading increases the types of meals they sell.
  • Stock Market - Lets you buy and sell special items. Buy for a low price, then sell it back when the price is higher.
    • Upgrading increases the number of items sold.


  • Fields - This is where you can grow meat and plants.
    • Upgrading increases the number of fields you can have, which means more meat or plants each day.


  • Training Hall - This is where you raise your digimon's stats through training.
    • Upgrading improves the equipment so that it gives more stats.
  • Digivolution Dojo - This is where you can get more information about your digivolutions.
  • Lab - This is where you can research chips to improve your Digimon's stats.
    • Upgrading reduces the number of materials needed to research.


  • Treasure Hunter - You can send Garudamon out to get items for you.
    • Upgrading adds a new course to get other items.
  • Coliseum - This is where you can complete arena matches for prizes.
    • Upgrading adds new matches.
  • Fishing - This lets you fish in the city.
    • Upgrading allows you to catch more types of fish.

That's all for my guide on upgrading Floatia City in Digimon World Next Order. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published Feb. 10th 2017

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