Invisigun Heroes Recently Released on Steam

The clever Indie multiplayer-focused 2D arena shooter Invisigun Heroes has just been released on Steam!

Invisigun Heroes, a multiplayer-focused 2D arena shooter created by indie developer Sombr Studio, was released just yesterday on Steam.

Invisigun Heroes is a game where up to four players compete with or against each-other in a number of arenas, and all of the players only become visible when they shoot their gun or use their special ability.

The game features 50 maps spread across 5 different planets, a number of varied characters with different abilities, and multiple different game modes including king of the hill, territory control, and last hero standing. It will also feature both online and local multiplayer, single player with AI opponents, and planned cross-platform multiplayer across all systems.

Invisigun Heroes is available now on Steam for Mac and PC, with a fix coming soon for Linux systems, and ports to various consoles planned for the future.

If you're unclear on how the game plays, you can watch the official gameplay trailer right here:

For updates on Invisigun Heroes you can visit Sombr Studios official website, or head over to the Steam page.

Published Feb. 9th 2017

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