Ubisoft Launches Live Blog to Track Progress in Fixing Assassins Creed: Unity Bugs

After much dismay in the press for performance issues Ubisoft has launched a blog committed to keeping us updated on the bug squashing progress.

Ubisoft launched "Live Updates" today, a blog on the Assassins Creed corner of Ubisoft's website that plans to "touch on the fixes to the game" that they're working on for Assassins Creed: Unity. 

The game has been completely slammed in the press since the passing of it's mid-launch-day press embargo lifted--yes, you read that correctly--for having some of the worst performance issues seen in any AAA title this year. The above pictured monstrosity is only a small example of the performance issues seen in the game so far, with reviews calling out Unity for not only having the usual collision glitches and graphical issues, but having frame rate performance that borders on unplayable.  

The first blog post states that the Day 1 patch fixes a number of issues and that another update is on the way that will address common issues such as:

  • Arno falling through the ground
  • Game crashing when joining a co-op session
  • Arno getting caught inside of hay carts
  • Delay in reaching the main menu

The post goes on to say that the developers are also looking into other widely reported issues that focuses on, but is not limited to:

  • Frame rate issues
  • Graphical and collision issues
  • Matchmaking co-op issues
  • Helix Credits issues

It's safe to assume that the "Helix Credits issues" isn't referring to the mere existence of the in-game currency, but instead some other sort of problem with the process of players paying more than $60 to get the most out of their game--whatever that could be.

We've all come to expect some major bugs in Assassin's Creed releases because, let's face it, every single one has had some pretty nasty Day 1 issues, but both the technical issues in Assassin's Creed: Unity and the developers seemingly shady efforts to sell as many copies as possible before reviews hit, is a real disappointment.

As a big fan of the series, I was excited to see a return to the real foundations of the Assassin's Creed formula; isolated assassinations, social stealth, parkour-inspired traversal and exploration of historically accurate environments. It's a shame to see Ubisoft put such a firm focus on bringing the series back to it's origins, and then failing so intensely in what should always be it's core strengths. Notably lacking in Ubisoft's blog post is any semblance of explanation or apology for the state Unity shipped in--as if it's become the norm to purchase a game in this condition and wait for repairs.

With reviews coming out largely positive, apart from the glaring technical issues, I can't help but wonder if these efforts to fix the game are too little too late--and even more concerning, what state will the next Assassin's Creed game be in at launch? 


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Published Nov. 13th 2014
  • Si_W
    I fell through the pavement earlier, but no other real glitches on PC aside from that...
  • Benjamski
    I'm only a few hours in, and have only seen a few minor glitches so far, but I'm really conflicted about the overall game so far?

    It just feels like a constant roller coaster of highs and lows of "THIS is how Assassin's Creed should be played!" and "How did they mess up THIS of all things!"

    My biggest frustration hands down is going to open the chest and having the game tell me "oh no no no, stop playing the game, go play one on your phone (that barely works according to the reviews)" and then come back and open this" It's just insulting, a small insult, but an insult nonetheless.
  • Si_W
    Which chests are those? The Initiates or Nomad ones?

    At least they're colour coded so you know to avoid them.

    I find it slightly annoying that some of the Xbox controller buttons don't work as smoothly as I'd like, having problems with parrying in combat at the moment - died at least twice as a minimum where chests are guarded. On the other hand, finally worked out how to knock out opponents by getting them from behind.

    Guess with the combat, we're kind of spoiled now by the Batman-style combat in the Arkham, Watchdogs, and Shadow of Mordor games...
  • Benjamski
    The Nomad ones I think, Initiates have something to do with coop right?

    It just feels so convoluted for one game. Three types of collectable chests, 4 types of currency--it all feels like playing longer and more tedious, not playing smarter and better.

    I'm still getting a hang of the combat and on the fence about it. I miss having hand-to-hand combat and hidden blade as equipped weapons. I suppose it makes sense that you just always have the hidden blade and use it when appropriate but the fighting styles with just the blades or fists was always a favorite of mine. Plus walking around with my hands at my side, popping the hidden blades in and out was a favorite pastime of mine. :p

    I'm pretty sure the Arkham games spoiled us all with the combat.
  • Si_W
    Aye, I just started Sleeping Dogs again with the Definitive Version and that combat rocks.

    Maybe we'll get those weapons later on, at the moment all I seem to be able to do is equip meds...
  • Benjamski
    That's not the top of my list, but i would definitely be interested in replaying it.

    lol Assassins Creed: Immunity. I guess there was a lot of diseases rampant in the time period, gotta keep those meds on hand..

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