New Dark Souls 3 Trailer Released Despite Full Game Download Trick

Despite many having full access to the game, FromSoftware has released a brutal and exciting new gameplay trailer.

To many die-hard Dark Souls fans in the West, the anticipation building up to the official release (April 12th) has been brutal. More and more information is seeping into the veins of the gaming community, and many are torn between harvesting every bit and participating in a complete media blackout. If you're one of the latter, you've missed out on some drama.

After a recent hack was revealed that gave players access to the game, FromSoftware has responded calmly and even released a new trailer in spite of the leak.

The discovered work-around enables players to access Dark Souls III right now on Xbox One and PS4.  In short, it involves creating a new Microsoft/PSN account native to Japan, purchasing Japanese currency and buying the game, then changing the region back to one in the West.

While FromSoftware has acknowledged this trick, they aren't viewing it as a major issue, and are instead treating it more like early game advertising. Amidst all of this, they released a brutal and exciting new gameplay trailer, showcasing a montage of new monsters and potential NPCs (which are hard to differentiate in a Souls game).  While it still seems a bit too early to speculate on the lore, the new trailer makes one thing very apparent: you are going to die.



L.A. Skywalker is a Philly based writer and avid gamer. His major accomplishments include not dying while traveling in China and procrastinating on a "fantasy novel" that should be finished any day now.

Published Mar. 24th 2016
  • Chief-Moha
    Hmmmm, seems like we are going after the last lord this time. after all we never killed the Furtive Pygmy in Dark Souls I. And i can only imagine he has grown strong with the absence of the other lords.
  • L.A. Skywalker
    i think that would make for a good ending for the series, considering it was largely the Pygmy who brought about the Darksign curse and started this whole mess.

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