Terraria Updates for Mobile and Console Gamers

Re-Logic's Terraria has been making updates that have released this week for mobile and console users. Many big things are in store for mobile gamers including multi-player capabilities.

Terraria finally has some great updates for the mobile players on iOS and Andriod, and they also have some goodies for console gamers. Although these updates are ready, Terraria is still selling PC copies of their game, reaching 3 million PC sales.

What's up for those mobile players?

By the looks of it, playing Terraria on mobile devices is a great direction for multi-player capabilities. With the help of Wi-Fi, you'll be able to play with up to four people, and enjoy great adventures. It's done locally through the same network, so best get those LAN parties going.

Another update for mobile devices would be the numerous bug fixes that have taken place, and the ability to drop items directly into the world from your inventory bar. I've personally haven't had the chance to try out the mobile features of Terraria, but I bet they'll trump the mobile Minecraft edition by a landslide.

Console Gamers - Watch Out!

Patches for consoles will give the console gamers a full taste of what Terraria 1.2 feels like.The updates on consoles have given the PS3 and Xbox 360 dozens of new items and recipes. Many new monsters have been added, but the biggest update would be better performance on the consoles. For more information about the recent Halloween update, check here

Terraria has been doing great things since their revival and upcoming updates. As an avid Minecraft and Terraria player, I can't wait to see what Re-Logic's Terraria has in store to compete with Mojang's Minecraft.


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Published Oct. 27th 2017

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