Overwatch Guide: How to Play As Hammond the Wrecking Ball

Learn about all the Hammond's abilities and the best ways you can use them in this guide to Overwatch.

The latest Overwatch hero is a hamster named -- Hammond, the Wrecking Ball. When the hero was first announced many people assumed that it would be a gorilla, but they were wrong. Hammond is a hamster that rides on a wrecking ball that makes him absolutely unstoppable, and a pretty good tank, too.

Hammond is currently available on PTR and there are a few more layers to this cute, little, and yet very dangerous hero. If you want to know how to play Hammond in the most effective way, then follow our comprehensive guide below.

Hammond Wrecking Ball Abilities

Quad Cannons

Hammond's primary weapon is nothing special, but it is a powerful automatic weapon that deals 25 shots per second, where each shot deals 2.5-5 points of damage.

Grappling Claw

His secondary weapon, on the other hand, is something really cool. It allows Hammond to swing around the map in a fast manner and land on enemies dealing 50 points of damage at maximum speed.

Although, the ability has a 5 second cooldown, which means that he can't swing all the time. It also requires some practice, but when you master it, this ability will easily become your favorite.

Adaptive Shield

His personal shield ability is also very strong and creates +100 barriers per each enemy within radius. This means that each enemy basically gains you 100 extra health, which is incredibly powerful.

Although, this ability only creates personal barriers, the cool down is only at 15 seconds, which is just nothing in comparison to other tanks in the game.

Roll and Piledriver

These two auxiliary abilities are meant to be activated when Hammond moves using his Wrecking Ball:

  • Roll increases his speed of movement
  • Piledriver slams the ball into the ground and sends all those affected up in the air

Minefield (Ultimate)

Hammond's ultimate ability allows him to deploy 15 mines in a proximity of 6 meters around him that explode upon contact with enemies. With this kind of ultimate Hammond will be simply untouchable.

Hammond Wrecking Ball Tips and Tricks

Using Your Shields Right

Adaptive Shield is undoubtedly one of the best Hammond's abilities. In order to get the best out of it you can roll into a group of enemies (the more there are the better) and in this way get multiple shields at once.

Then, when you're out of the enemy zone, fight them one-on-one while still maintaining all of your shields. In this way Hammond will be practically unbeatable due to the ridiculous amount of health on his little paws.

Combo Together With Zarya

If you're playing with Zarya on your team, then try to combo out Hammond's ultimate with Zarya's, which drops a gravity bomb that gathers all the enemies in one spot. When you drop your mines off of Hammond, then they will have nowhere to run and the mines will finish them, or at least deal a lot of cumulative damage.

In case you can't combo out you could instead expand the area of effect of the Hammond's ultimate. In order to do this you need to first swing using your Grapple Claw and let it go at high speed, then you can deploy the mines. In this way they will cover a larger territory.

Swing With Piledriver

Piledriver is an excellent ability, especially if you can swing at high speed and land on an enemy or a few. But don't just stop there, try to shoot your enemies while they're still in the air, which will ultimately deal 200 points of damage.

But Piledriver can also be used without the swinging effect. It can go off at times when you simply jump off the ledge or a roof. So just stay on top of your enemies, and as soon as they approach your position jump down with Piledriver on and shoot them in the air.


Hopefully, these tips will help you do some great things with Hammond Wrecking Ball both on PTR and after the official release. For other Overwatch guides at GameSkinny, please see the links below:


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Published Jul. 9th 2018

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