5 Reasons I Don't Play MMORPGs Anymore

Combat in MMORPGs

Don't we wish all MMORPG combat looked like this promo shot of Guild Wars 2

There is a reason the majority of combat shots MMORPGs use to promote themselves are all zoomed in, with no UI and at some clutch point that probably took the developers forever to set up. 

I appreciate how complex MMORPG fights can get, and I don't want the genre to lose that. Player roles, raid strategy and crowd control all make MMORPGs special, so if new games are going to try and introduce new combat systems -- I hope that they will keep these things in mind. 

It's also worth mentioning that technical restrictions hold back how fanciful the combat could be in most games. Mechanics will always need to be simpler when a server has to register them for thousands of people. 

I do think that the next generation can do better. Looking at you, Camelot Unchained.  

Published Feb. 18th 2017

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