It's So Early in 2017 But We've Already Gotten These Great Platformers

Super Mario Odyssey

You know, this list already mentioned big open worlds, and Mario, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the latest game to feature Nintendo’s iconic mascot wouldn’t get name dropped sooner or later.

There isn’t a whole to add here though, other than that we know that this Mario adventure is going to ditch the conventional hub-area from the previous titles, in favor of giving the plumber some free reign to explore a giant open world that’s modeled after real-life locations. From New York to Mexico City, and the South American jungles, the scenery will be unlike anything ever seen in a Mario adventure before, complete with lifelike NPC civilians that will creep the shit out of you on an entirely different level of the uncanny valley.

Along for the ride is a new hat companion that Mario that grants the hero some new skills, like channeling his inner-Bond villain to throw the hat like a projectile weapon at  enemies, or in some instances, as a makeshift platform that can give Mario that extra umph of distance once bounced off of in the air as well.

We don’t have a whole lot beyond that, and for all we know, the game might ditch the collectible formula altogether, but until then, it’s a safe bet that this next-gen sequel won’t stray too far away from its platforming roots.

Published Apr. 8th 2017

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