7 More Characters That Should Be Added To Mario Kart 8

[Image: http://pikmin.wikia.com/wiki/Pikmin_family]


No, I do not mean a pikmin. I mean pikmin, as in the plural form of pikmin. Just like how a swarm of pikmin must band together to defeat a single large enemy, I want to see a team of these little guys working together to operate a single racing kart. That means three of them handling the steering wheel, four of them on item duty, another pair operating the glider, etc.

I think it would make for a very comical scene to watch seven or so little pikmin hopping around the seat of a kart trying to maneuver it through one of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's wild tracks, especially with Luigi staring daggers at them from second place.

Published Jun. 11th 2017

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