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Survival games were born in an era obsessed with a dystopian future and a dreary demise. With movies and books being produced to a rather large audience hungry for more, games associated purely with survival of the fittest are definitely a favorite of the modern age. 

While the will to survive is ingrained in our psychology, these games do just that -- throw challenges at you from every angle, both natural and supernatural, with the aim to test your survival tactics. Here are a few of the best Android games bound to keep you on your toes to make it through the apocalypse. 

Last Day on Earth: Survival

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Set in 2027, Last Day on Earth: Survival is all zombies, apocalypse, and tactics; if you don't use your noggin, you probably won't last. A plague has turned a majority of the human population into zombies that have formulated quite a frontier, and you're pretty much on your own for this one, so there's no place for mercy. They will kill you or you them -- make your move and make it fast.

You can group up and communicate with others in multiplayer mode, craft weapons to kill or hunt, forage for resources, and pull your way through your last day on Earth.

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

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Don't Starve was a huge hit on PC, featuring a scientist cast into a mysterious world full of peculiar creatures and a ruthless environment. Only by taming his surroundings can he make it to the end. Now on mobile, you can play as Wilson the scientist and craft, build, and communicate your way through the strange, hand-drawn universe.

With an appealing, eerie interface and a rather morbid theme, this survival game is impossibly complex but just as fun all the same. 

This War of Mine 

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Instead of playing as a seasoned soldier, you're forced into a war-stricken, impoverished city with a group of civilians in This War of Mine. The refreshing perspective is both moving and a fascinating angle for a survival game. With a severe lack of resources, sacrifices will have to be made at your own measures.

During the day, the main objective is to make sure you don't get sniped to death, thus staying in the refuge and maintaining your shelter and its inhabitants. During the night, one of your characters can forage for items to help the group survive more efficiently.

With dark, beautiful graphics and a historical undertone, this game is one of careful reasoning and tactics. Every emotionally devastating decision and sacrifice you make will have a long-term impact on the outcome of your survivors.


Survival Island: Evolve 

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In prehistoric sandbox game Survival Island: Evolve, you play as a character with no clue as to how he ended up alone on an island. Gathering resources to live off of, building a shelter from scratch, and crafting weapons, armor, and tools to protect yourself against the exotic wilderness is no easy task. There are mysterious beasts to protect yourself from, and manipulating your environment is key to surviving.

Pleasantly enough, it's beautifully open-world, offering a wide range of creative freedom to the protagonist. Survival Island: Evolve will be featuring online multiplayer soon so you can play with friends.

Out There: Ω Edition

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Out There is certainly among the most challenging of survival games available on mobile. It's a morbid, melancholic science fiction featuring beautiful, comic-like graphics and a variety of storylines with different endings. You play as an astronaut literally lost in space in your ship, thawed from a state of sleep in cryonics.

The protagonist will make serious, life-altering decisions and can survive on oxygen by absorbing it from "garden" planets. Your character also meets cold-hearted alien lifeforms you can't combat, and you unravel their destiny throughout the adventure.

With each game, the galaxy regenerates itself, so no two players will have the same experience. It's definitely an interesting, dark, and perhaps claustrophobic experience.


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Created as a retro-style action platforming game, Downwell follows a story of a youth venturing into a well to uncover its mysteries, donned in nothing but a pair of "Gunboots" which help him defeat the horrible creatures dwelling below. Each riveting level is variably different for every player as they are procedurally generated. You collect precious red gems, purchase helpful items to survive, and uncover secrets and treasures in the bleak darkness.

With simple and straightforward mobile controls, fascinating visuals, and a lovable protagonist, this unique survival game is definitely one of the greats.


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Possibly among the most unique -- and expensive -- survival games on the list, Crashlands is bound to wreak havoc on anybody's 24 hours. It's a perfect, addicting mixture of several genres, including action, adventure, and RPG. There are over 500 items and weapons to craft, a vast, gorgeous environment to manipulate, and a ton of interactive gameplay.

You play as an adorable trucker who is unexpectedly cast onto a foreign planet and comes face to face with various enemies and fascinating, tamable creatures. But at the core of all this, you must deliver the shipments on time! There is magic, science fiction, and a brilliant story arc to set the scene. It's a mobile favorite and will be for quite a while!


With a rich variety of zombies, wars, intergalactic chaos, and primitive survival, these games offer hours of endless, addicting fun to any player on the go.

What survival game would you recommend? Which of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. 

Published Mar. 9th 2018


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