Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising Releases Tomorrow

The third DLC for Dead Rising 3 will launch tomorrow. Chaos Rising will feature a new character and plenty of action.

The third DLC pack for the Xbox One exclusive zombie-survival game Dead Rising 3 has been revealed and will launch tomorrow on Microsoft's latest console. Chaos Rising will feature some new playable characters and plenty of content to keep the budding survivalist going in this chaotic world.

Players take on the role of Hunter, a biker gang leader tossed into the horrific, zombie-infested world of today. It has not been revealed if Hunter will get his hands on any new weapons or vehicles with the upcoming DLC, however.

Chaos Rising is the third DLC pack to be released for Dead Rising 3, following Operation Eagle and Fallen Angel. A massive 13GB update was recently released, preparing users for the upcoming DLC. Those who opted to purchase the Dead Rising 3 Season Pass will receive Chaos Rising for no additional cost once it unlocks tomorrow. If you did not pay for the pass, you will need to pay for the content separately. It is so far unclear how much the DLC will set you back.

Dead Rising 3 is available now exclusively on the Xbox One in North America and in Europe. The third DLC, Chaos Rising, will launch tomorrow on the same platform, of course.

Be sure to get your undead killing self back into the game for more slaughtering action. New weapons will surely be included, they always are.

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Published Feb. 24th 2014

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