Metal Gear Solid Fan-Film Sequel Officially Shut Down

Part two of the Metal Gear Solid fan-made movie Philanthropy has been shut down after confirming they can't be officially authorized to use the Metal Gear Solid license.

In 2009 Hive Division, a group of Italian students and filmmakers released a Metal Gear Solid fan film entitled PhilanthropyThere were always concerns about using a licensed IP unofficially but after some team members met with Hideo Kojima, creator and face behind the series, hopes were high and work on the sequel began.

However, Konami has now officially stated that Hive Division will not authorized to use the license.

While that's not technically condemning the project, continuing production with the costs of not being authorized to use the license would be too expensive to execute, and this news acts as the proverbial "arrow in the adventurers knee" for the film; the adventure is over.

Hideo Kojima (left) and Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy director Giacomo Talamini (right) pictured together.

Talamini soberly steps down, but with impressive grace in the above video saying, "We knew this might've happened. And we have nothing against the creators of Metal Gear, the saga that we all love and will continue to love."

While not confirmed, it seems likely that with the success of the first film that the sequel's presence may have been seen as interfering with the official Metal Gear Solid movie currently in development. 

You can view the original film here and watch 12 minutes of the slavaged sequel here. For more information on Hive Division and their future projects, follow them on YouTube or visit their official site.

Published Oct. 30th 2014

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