Predator: Hunting Grounds DLC Brings Back Arnie

The classic character portrayed in the original movie is making his way to Predator: Hunting Grounds.

Predator Hunting Grounds developers, Illfonic, have announced that classic action-hero "Dutch" will be returning to the Predator universe in the game's upcoming DLC.

For those who don't know, Dutch is the classic character portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original Predator movie. And on May 26, players will be able to take control of Dutch within Predator: Hunting Grounds.

The first update comes in two parts, one paid and one free:

  • Free Update: Players will be able to earn a series of cassette tapes as they level up, which provides the context of Dutch's story since the events of the original movie.
  • Paid Update: This paid DLC will enable players to play as Dutch himself, as well as gaining early access to the QR5 "Hammerhead" rifle and Dutch's knife, both of which will be available to the rest of the player base later in June.

This marks the beginning of a roadmap of future unannounced updates going into August and possibly beyond. Updates will include free and paid-for content for players to choose from, such as more themed character packs.

While Predator: Hunting Grounds has its issues, one thing it gets right is nostalgia. Adding a character such as Dutch only increases that feeling tenfold. It's good to see the team continuing down that path. 

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Published May. 13th 2020

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