The Power Within: Sony Releases Details on PS4 GPU and API

PS4 still holds hardware secrets almost a year after release, but Simon Bennett of Roll7 reveals that the console's GPU and API are much more developer-friendly.

Sony has been pretty tight-lipped about the PlayStation 4 ever all the way back to just before launch. After all, it was the only next gen console that wasn't actually shown when the launch was announced last year. However, we're more than a year into the next generation of consoles, and Sony still has secrets about what's under the hood of the PS4.

According to an interview with  Simon Bennett - Director of development studio Roll7 - the GPU of the PS4 is "a pretty beasty processor." Bennett explains in the interview that the GPU is powerful enough to scale with however far developers choose to push it, suggesting that consumers have yet to see it operating at full capacity.

If Bennett is right, it would seem Sony is keeping tight-lipped as ever about their hardware because when the PS4 launched the hardware in it was less powerful than what was available to top of the line gaming computers at the time. This is, of course, in stark contrast to the PS3 which launched with hardware so powerful that it competed with the gaming computers of the time. The downside, of course, was that the hardware and API intimidated developers into going with other consoles for quite a while.

Bennett, commenting on the new API, believes that it's "pretty strong" and "far more straight forward than the Vita version." He goes on to comment on how Sony is working very closely with developers and is being very supportive.

Check out the full interview over at and stay tuned to Gameskinny for the latest in next-gen news.

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Published Jul. 21st 2014

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