Yakuza 5 guide - Tatsuya locations and restaurants to visit

Where to tickle chef Tatsuya's palate in Yakuza 5.

Aiding celebrity chef Tatsuya Kawagoe in sampling local delicacies isn't a particularly large portion of what Yakuza 5 has to offer, but it is an important part to staying on top of combat during the closing scenes of each chapter.

Once you have given Tatsuya one restaurant lead per area, he will award you the first rank as a gourmet -- which in turn allows you to boost your health above the maximum amount and gain improved stats when you eat in a restaurant.

There are three restaurants for you to take Tatsuya to in each city. Each time you take him somewhere new, he will raise that character's gourmet rank. There are three gourmet tiers, with each one making meals even more beneficial. There's really no reason not to do it.

Once you have given Tatsuya all the leads he needs, he hosts a TV event where reveals a new local dish inspired by the restaurants you've taken him to. The dish he reveals will be available at his selected restaurant from that point forward.

Below are maps of each city with Tatsuya's location marked, the restaurants he would be interested in visiting, and which restaurant will be carrying his new local dish once you're done. Restaurant names are also listed to make the in-game map a little easier to navigate.

Tatsuya is marked with a blue dot. Restaurants to take him to are marked with red dots. His TV events revealing his new dishes are marked with green dots.



  • WEST
  • Hakatasou
  • Hangou Zousui Yama

TV event

  • Tamasa Ramen



  • Miyoshino
  • Curry Shop S
  • Matsuo Genghis Khan

TV event

  • Alps

Soutenbori (Haruka)


  • Magutako
  • Tsuruhashi Fuugetsu
  • Kushikatsu Daruma

TV Event

  • Montblanc Coffee

Restaurants (Soutenburi)

  • Kani Douraku
  • Zubaraya
  • Komian

TV Event (Kamurocho)

  • Kanrai



  • Yamachan's World
  • Kaburaya
  • Daruma

TV event

  • Alps

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