Review - Organ Trail

Zombies, managing and crazy randomness. A quick review of Organ Trail.

Today I played Organ Trail for the first time. I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. The game gives you a short tutorial when you first start, so you are not completely lost. After naming yourself and your friends, you begin your journey from point A to point B across America.

Decisions Decisions

You will have to make a lot of decision and many decisions will be your last. Your party members can catch some nasty diseases and even get bitten by a zombie. But as far as I know the only thing that will happen is that their health will go down a bit quicker than normal.

Managing All the Things

Managing your equipment is strong part of this game. Will you exchange 2 of your tires for medpack? Will you help locals defend their property against waves of zombies? Everything is up to you. I played it on easiest difficulty and beat it on my first time. Balance seems pretty good. There are some moments where you laugh and tear your hair out at the same time. It's funny to read that one of your friends destroyed a tire after sitting on it too hard. Or when a fire in your car destroys some of your cash.

Keeping the Car Rolling

Car is your only transport across America so you have to repair it and is a good thing to have a few spare parts. You can even upgrade it with some upgrades. Solar panels for instance. You will move even if you are out of fuel. The randomness of this game is keeping the game fresh and you have good reason to play it again. The sound and music is very basic. It fits the basic graphic style nicely and together it forms a solid structure.

It's really hard to criticize this game. It's nothing like the others out there. At least I didn't find any similar game to this one if you don't count Oregon trail. If you like zombies, managing, reading and random encounters maybe this is the game for you.

Our Rating
Zombies, managing and crazy randomness. A quick review of Organ Trail.


Published Apr. 22nd 2013

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