Oculus Rift Will Cost Consumers $200-$400

Oculus VR plan on making the Oculus Rift affordable

After Oculus VR managed to far surpass their Kickstarter goal for the Oculus Rift headset over two years ago, gamers have been anxiously awaiting for the consumer release of the device. The second development kit recently released, with several improvements from the first development kit, but Oculus VR stated that "the overall experience still needs to improve before it's consumer ready." 

When Eurogamer's Robert Purchese spoke with Oculus VR co-founders Palmer Luckey and Nate Mitchell at this year's Gamescom, he asked them if they had any idea of when the product would be released to the general public. Unfortunately, Mitchell stated that '[they] don't have anything to announce at this time."

What Luckey and Mitchell could tell Purchese was that a general price range for consumers. According to Mitchell, Oculus Rift will most likely cost between $200-$400; however, "that could slide in either direction depending on scale, pre-orders, the components we end up using, business negotiations..." 

Both Luckey and Mitchell agreed that their plan is to make Oculus Rift "as cheap as possible." If Oculus Rift does cost between $200 and $400, that's about the same price, or even a little less than, one would pay for a new console.


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Published Sep. 7th 2014

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