Overwatch streamer's Reinhardt charges through five enemies and runs off the map

Renbot streams an Overwatch game and captures his perfectly-executed Reinhardt charge, which ends in a free-fall off the map.

A streamer playing the Overwatch beta has posted a video of his Reinhardt charging five opponents, and then running off the map.

Originally posted on the /r/Overwatch subreddit as "The greatest Reinhardt charge ever", the video shows a streamer named Renbot playing on the Volskaya Industries map, charging out of a doorway and managing to hit nearly every player on the opposing team. His Reinhardt then continues until it plunges into the water and clips through the map, free-falling along with two of his victims.

According to Reddit thread, the chat in Renbot's stream proceeded to lose its mind, as did the in-game chat. And with good reason.

See below for the full video.

With all of the Overwatch streaming going on during the beta, there's certainly only going to be more of this kind of hilarious glitching (and excellent Reinhardt gameplay). Blizzard still hasn't announced a release date for Overwatch, but many expect it to be in Q1 2016.

Didn't get an invite to Overwatch beta? No worries, neither did we. In the meantime, check out GameSkinny contributor Derek Islas' take on the game.

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Published Nov. 4th 2015

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