Minecraft VR Springs to Life on PlayStation 4

Minecraft VR comes to PlayStation 4 with a standard mode and a mode to help those with motion sickness.

Minecraft VR is available now on PlayStation 4. It's a free upgrade featuring two VR modes: Immersive Mode for regular play and Living Room mode for those with motion sickness.

Living Room mode plunks players down in a "Minecraft living room," Console Producer Damian Finn said. Instead of experiencing the game in full 3D, players see Minecraft unfold in front of them, as if on a large screen. Should they look around, Finn said they'll just see the VR living room — nothing with actual movement.

Immersive Mode gives Minecraft the standard VR treatment. Everything is in 3D, Finn said, "just as if they were looking through the eyes of the character they are playing with. It’s the full VR experience."

Well, almost the full experience. Minecraft VR on PlayStation 4 doesn't use PlayStation Move. Instead, it uses the standard DualShock 4, just like regular Minecraft.

The PSVR version of Minecraft includes everything from the Bedrock console version of the game, such as the recent Nether update.

[Source: Minecraft]


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Published Sep. 22nd 2020

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