7 Ultimate Easy-to-Make Foods for Your Next Gamer Get-Together

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Fall is here, and that means two things... First, if anyone complains you're spending too much time inside playing video games, you can tell them just how cold, windy, and wet it is outside. Even the dog isn't interested in going out for a walk. 

Second, it's gamer party season. With a variety of conventions and tournaments on the horizon--not to mention the opportunity to get all your friends together for a nice, warm, indoors LAN party--it is the ultimate time to get everyone together, play games, watch your favorite eSports teams, the next big BlizzCon announcement, and enjoy some tasty treats and beverages.

We're not talking your basic chips, dips, and soda here, either. The truth is, there's a wide variety of obscenely simple things that you can whip up for your next get together that will not only taste awesome and make you look like one really bad-ass host, but also allow you to actually enjoy the party with everyone else.

For this collection of recipes, we've tried to go with recipes that don't necessarily scream "geeky" or "gamer" but, of course, that didn't stop us from throwing in a few.

Published Sep. 23rd 2016

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