After 14 years, RuneScape finally gets raids in July update

RuneScape's July 2015 update introduces 10 player raids, a brand new planet and huge cats!

If you think Grand Theft Auto players had it bad, having to wait two years for heists to be added, imagine how it felt to be a RuneScape player. Fourteen years after the game launched, Jagex has finally added raids to the game in quite a hefty July 2015 update.

Joining raids in the update is a new planet called Mazcab, populated by goebies, a “strange race of frog-like creatures.” As for why you couldn’t access Mazcab before, well, there’s a good reason.

A giant space boar named Tuska has crash landed on Gielinor and players must enter a portal conveniently located on Tuska’s back. An interesting place to traverse between worlds, I must say.

The aforementioned raids take place on Mazcab and accommodate ten players with two bosses currently available, but more to come. New raids brings new loot, too.

“Rewards include new tier 90 tank armour with set effects in all combat styles, five new abilities – tradeable until they're claimed - new titles, pets and fast travel options, just to name a few.”

Alongside this brand new planet, this patch introduces fast lodestone teleports and elite slayer creatures, the latter being “bigger, meaner, richer versions” of enemies you’ve already killed that can spawn upon death.

Jagex is also working alongside the World Wildlife Fund and have announced some special events.

“For the first 2 weeks you'll be able to take part in a special Big Cats edition of The Drop, accessible from the conservationist near the Burthorpe lodestone. You'll be able to adopt adorable cub companions, and unlock some feline-themed titles, as well as XP lamps. You'll also be able to donate bonds directly to the conservationist, especially if you want to look after unique lion and snow leopard cubs.”

You can find Jagex’s full blog post here: Behind The Scenes - July 2015

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Published Jul. 6th 2015
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    In other news: "HI EVERYBODY! It's Jagex! Yes, we still have more subscribers than World of Warcraft and our MMO just got beyond basic polygon graphics! It almost makes you think, eh?"

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