CLG vs TSM - Best MLG Match of the Weekend

If you missed all the MLGLoL matches of the weekend, these are the two to watch!

Just in case you missed this weekend's MLG matches, this is hands down the best one; possibly even the best match of the summer season.  It's Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Solomid and I've yet to see a closer match--back and forth over and over.  Just wait until you see the hair-raising ending.

If you haven't already found the time to catch this match I'm telling you now, you have to watch this.  I've been seeing comments of people saying NA has stepped up the game and might be world contenders, finally.  I could see NA being able to beat EU teams at least, but they're still way off from beating Korean teams.

Another amazing match of the weekend you should catch if you haven't already is VES vs Curse.  I have to try so hard to not spoil it for you, but the team I'm rooting for this season won!

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Published Jul. 2nd 2013

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