Star Trek: Bridge Crew Update Drops VR Requirement

Have you wanted to get the Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR experience but don't have a headset? A new non-VR patch opens up the game to to you.

An update released on December 21st opens up the PS4 and PC game Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR game to those players without a VR headset.

The game, released in May to generally positive reviews (75 on Metacritic), was until now exclusively for players with a PS VR or other PC VR headset, limiting its audience.

According to the official statement from Ubisoft,

Using a controller or a mouse and keyboard, players with and without VR headsets can be seamlessly matched together to pilot the U.S.S. Aegis (or U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701) as Starfleet officers, or play alone as captain. The update also includes enhanced Windows Mixed Reality support, adding more options for players to explore uncharted space.

This should breathe some new life into the game, which is a highly social, cooperative experience. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a rare must-play treat for Trekkies looking for a big-budget Star Trek gaming experience.


Published Dec. 22nd 2017

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