Hearthstone Will Have New Adventure: Blackrock Mountain in April 2015

Hearthstone's new adventure Blackrock Mountain to release sometime in summer 2015 with new cards, bosses, and more.

At PAX East today, Blizzard just announced the brand new Hearthstone single-player adventure mode: Blackrock Mountain.

The new adventure will be similar to the Naxxramas adventure this past year. There will be:

  • A brand new game board
  • 31 new cards
  • Unique challenges for each class & new class cards
  • 5 new Legendary cards
  • Heroic mode challenges
  • Normal and Heroic card backs
  • 5 wings, one released per week for 5 weeks
    • $6.99 or 700 gold to unlock each wing
    • Buy all 5 for $24.99
  • Pre-orders for the adventure start on March 19th and will include a special card back
  • Fan-favorite bosses and more Dark Iron Dwarves
  • More dragons, elementals, and orcs
  • Releasing next month

Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain Release Date: April 2015.

In the meantime, check out the trailer, new game board and some Blackrock Mountain card spoilers:

Fortune favors dragons?

A look at the new game board.




Published Mar. 6th 2015

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