Picroma, Get It Together - Cube World Needs Updates!

Cube World is nice and all, but where are Picroma?

I love Cube World and I love going on adventures with a party of friends, seeing what we can find in the wilds, but Wollay and Pixxie have been so quiet as of late that it's starting to make me wonder what is going on over at Picroma.

It's understandable that a title in alpha would be in slow development, but Picroma's choice to enter paid alpha when there were no big plans or game-changing updates on the pipeline is questionable at this point.

It has been over a month and a half since Cube World entered paid alpha, and since that point there has only been one update. The official forums are still stuck in a time warp despite the DDoS attacks that barraged the site being long over, and the official Facebook hasn't been updated since June. What is going on here?

While I admit it may be a little early to get angry over a lack of updates, it certainly is not too early to wonder why things over at Picroma have been so quiet.

The most recent peep from Wollay was on July 23rd, upon which a small patch was applied and we got a tiny look at his plans for the game into the future. That's it; the end. The plans for what's to come weren't even in-depth--what appeared to be a shining light to hardcore fans now looks a little ominous to those simply looking for answers.

It's all right to commit to a slow development cycle, and it's even expected out of a two-person team, but the dynamic duo over at Picroma need to get on the ball with the community and be more open with what they are working on.

$20 for a paid alpha that has been neglected for the most part is borderline unreasonable in today's market. Showing a lack of commitment at this point in public development could really harm the game's chances for growth in the future. Cube World needs some official love, and as soon as possible.

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Published Sep. 8th 2017
  • lsdjhflskjdf
  • lsdjhflskjdf
  • Thomas_2828
    It really does need updates.
  • Nicholas _1309

    Don't worry, he hasn't given up on the game. :D
  • Josh_2075
    7 months later, still no update. Lol.
  • Dman1500
    The speed at which the updates are coming out makes those 20 dollars not worth it.
  • Josh_7977
    Lol three months later now :) Seriously what is going on????
  • Ryan_1629
    Two months later...
  • Mark_4535
    Totally agree. I found this article by searching 'is cubeworld picroma dead?'.

    They're definitely lacking that communication. The home page still says the alpha is to be released soon.
  • The Kierran
    It's a bit shame they're throwing away the interest internet gives them by not giving anything back from the sudden boost of fame.

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