The Future of Titanfall Revealed At PAX East

During a PAX East panel, Respawn Entertainment announces upcoming Titanfall content

Today, at a PAX East panel, Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Titanfall, detailed some features of upcoming DLC, including brand new maps.

Respawn revealed that there will be three new maps for Titanfall, in a pack called Expedition.

The maps will come out in May. The new maps, called Swampland, Runoff, and Wargames. This DLC package will come with the $25 season pass, though there was no price as a stand alone DLC. The first map, called Swampland, sends players into the ruins of "archaic alien technology", and will feature trees for pilots to wall run across. The map Runoff will feature water. The final map, Wargames, sees players in the training simulator from the game's training mode.

Respawn also mentioned that Titanfall will receive free updates in the future.

These updates will feature new burn cards and new multiplayer modes, including a new 2v2 Last Titan Standing mode. The team is researching the ability to remove the game's HUD for video capture, a feature requested by fans. Other new features include the ability for players to pair up using social media hashtags, titan customization, the introduction of competitive rankings, and daily challenges.

Respawn is also exploring tweaks on existing modes, something they are calling "rifts of variants". They would be released for a week or two, and if they proved popular, they could become permanently available.

All in all, this sounds good to me. I am not a big FPS fan, but I love Titanfall.

The maps sound interesting, and I hope that they are as fun as the previous maps, especially Wargames. It is good to see the new modes and burn cards for free, and I hope they introduce a variety of different modes, not just modes that are based on existing modes. May seems to have just gotten a little more busier.

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Published Apr. 12th 2014
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    I felt a little disappointed, due to the misleading title "Future of TitanFall", I was expecting future sequals and such but instead info about an upcoming DLC? Heck just give it a proper name like "First DLC for TitanFall Revealed at Pax East!"

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