Konami's Silent Hill Revival Might Not Be Real After All

Konami says the rumors of Silent Hill remakes are false, though they aren't "completely closing the door on the franchise."

Recently, rumors swirled about Konami carrying on with Silent Hill in partnership with Sony. It turns out they might not be so plausible after all, according to Konami's U.S. public relations representatives.

The PR rep spoke with Rely on Horror, the outlet that originally reported on those rumors as well.

The rep said:

We’re aware of all the rumors and reports but can confirm that they are not true. I know it’s not the answer your fans may want to hear.

It’s not to say we are completely closing the door on the franchise, just not in the way it is being reported.

After this initial response, Rely on Horror followed up with more specific requests for clarification. They asked the U.S. PR agent whether that meant both the rumored projects — the Silent Hill reboot Kojima Productions was reportedly handling and the one Sony Japan was working on — were completely false. However, they received no response.

PR is a tricky beast, especially in entertainment. Silence could mean many things. On the other hand, given the nature of the response, Silent Hill remakes might be in the works, "just not in the way it is being reported." Given that second part of the response, we're rather inclined to go with that option.

Either way, rumors are rumors until proven true with actual announcements. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Silent Hill remake news as it develops.


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Published Mar. 24th 2020

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