Fire Emblem: Three Houses Cindered Shadows Limits Class, Ability Choices

You'll choose from a reduced number of available classes and skills to overcome the hardest trials Three Houses has to offer.

The Fire Emblem: Three Houses Cindered Shadows expansion launches next Friday for Expansion Pass owners, and we're getting some more details about how battles in the Abyss will play out.

We already reported that players will use a specific set of students to overcome the grueling challenges underneath Garreg Mach Monastery. Now, according to the official Fire Emblem Twitter account (translated by Nintendo Everything), it seems there will be class restrictions to deal with as well.

Normally, you can choose from a mind-boggling array of classes and abilities for any character. In Cindered Shadows, though, you'll be limited to a few classes per character, and the same goes for abilities.

Battles in Cindered Shadows are supposed to be much more difficult than those in the main game, and they're designed like puzzles you need to overcome with the limited resources available to you.


So, if you want Linhardt to embrace his inner fist-fighter or really dig the idea of vengeance-obsessed Dimitri as a dancer, you'll have to keep that to the main game.

The tweet also mentions new models. However, we don't know whether that's a reference to the included characters each getting a new model, which we already knew, or if it's something else.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Cindered Shadows news as it emerges.


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Published Feb. 3rd 2020

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