10 Dumbest Lawsuits in Gaming History

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There's a reason the Darwin Awards exist; people can be idiots. You know someone, somewhere, at some point in time decided to have a bleach drinking context, because product labels now have to indicate that you totally shouldn't decide to ingest cleaning chemicals. And why did companies decide to start labeling everything as dangerous if not handled properly? Because the same idiots who drank all that bleach decided it was Clorox's fault for not warning them about the satisfying tingling sensation/inner third degree burns that would be laced down their trachea.

Lawsuits are about as common as air molecules Some are genuinely needed by people have been wronged by a party, others are just lawfully invalid and will be thrown out the moment they reach a desk. However, in rarer cases, one lawsuit pops up that is just so laughably insane that every news outlet will be reporting on it. In fact, some of these most ridiculous lawsuits happen to originate from the video game industry itself. So sit back, relax, pour yourself a cup of Clorox, and enjoy learning about ten of the dumbest video game lawsuits that have ever graced the industry. 

Published Aug. 3rd 2016

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