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Hello and welcome to my first Game Review. My review is for the most Famous Sandbox Indie Game of all time, MineCraft. You see when it all started out it was a total mess. People were Glitching,Complaining about mobs and animals and now look at it. Minecraft has made over 10 million in PC sales alone, totaling over 20 million between all platforms. It used to be just for the PC, because we all know that the PC is the greatest console of all time. People then started complaining, 'hey what about us Xbox users, why can't we have this amazing game.' The Android users complained too and they released the pocket edition of Minecraft not that long after the PC version was made. The Xbox version came out later and I will expand on the subject later, but lets start on the PC version of Minecraft.

Graphics of Minecraft.

Well we all know that Minecraft really isn't suppose to have the greatest graphics to be the greatest indie game of all time. It has the most blocky graphics of all time but we all know that Minecraft is suppose to be blocky so why not. The graphics also require a lot of RAM(Random Allocated Memory). This game requires a lot of RAM to be able to play it. Most people say that 4gb of RAM is enough but it really isn't. I have 4gb of RAM and it I even have lag issues. But I have windows 7 and it requires a good bit of ram if you are using 64 bit. The game can be laggy sometimes when you enter the nether and people complain about it but its cause of the amount of lava and fire. I give it a 8/10 because of the RAM issue and the Nether. If they fixed the Nether issue with it being laggy then I would agree with a 9/10.

Gameplay of Minecraft

Gameplay is the most important part of a game. We all have to agree that the gameplay is amazing for a Survival and for a Creative game. The game gives you two options to play the game in. Survival gives you the option to play it like being in real life. You collect your own resources and kill all the mobs until you get to the end and beat the game.

Creative Mode though you get every block in the game (Except for some in which you have to spawn in yourself like Command Block,etc.) and you build with your heart desire. People have made Castles/White House/Avatars/Famous Characters/Etc. You can do anything and kill anything you want and nothing attacks you. Well they try to kill you but since you are invincible then you basically cant really be attacked.

Multiplayer in Minecraft

Everybody loves the multiplayer in Minecraft because its just fun to play it with other people then by yourself. Most people though play with friends cause well multiplayer also has some issues. People Hack/Cheat/Autokill/ETC and thats what servers try to block all the time. Every game in history has been hacked at one time or another. We just have to deal with it and play like we dont know them because people are just themselves and the staff will always find a way to ban them or deal with them in their server rules. Minecraft also has a feature to where people with pirate copies can also play Minecraft. Notch even tweeted on Twitter.

Just pirate it. If you still like it when you can afford it in the future, buy it then. Also don't forget to feel bad. ;)

Notch's Tweet

I am surprised that the person who made it actually said that. I am happy that he actually knows what people are going through in these hard times. Remember you can pirate it but he suggest that you should buy it once you get the money. Servers are usually not in offline mode because hackers can come in and change their name so they get powers on the server and mess it up.


Minecraft has its issues but it gets forgotten by the Gameplay/Graphics/and the Creativity you can have in Minecraft and I'm surprised that a game that has been out for so long is still not the number 1 game yet in the world. This game get 8/10 like I said previously before because of the RAM issues and the Nether they need to fix. But it is a really fun game that people should actually spend the 26.95 on.

I will be posting more Game reviews for other games like Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Defiance, etc.

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Published Oct. 27th 2017

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