"Fallout: Shadow of Boston" Trademark is a Hoax

Bethesda announced on Twitter that the German trademark for Fallout 4 was just another hoax concerning the game.

Fallout 4 has been anxiously awaited by fans, to the point that a multitude of fake "announcements" have hit the internet. Recently, news hit that a trademark application was filed in Germany for the game title Fallout: Shadow Of Boston. While the application seemed legitimate, Bethesda actually released a statement on Twitter negating everyone's excitement.

This is not the first time that there's been a hoax concerning this particular game title. Last year, TheSurvivor2299.com was launched as a supposed teaser for Fallout 4. However, the domain for the site (GoDaddy) and the hosting company (which originates in Poland) didn't match up with Bethesda's normal operations. Interestingly enough, TheSurvivor2299.com now redirects to Bethesda's website; they've probably received a plethora of traffic from curious fans researching the game.

To further the intrigue around Fallout 4, there was another "leak" when an IMDB page appeared in February this year with casting for Fallout: Shadows of Boston. The IMDB page caused a flutter on the interwebs, but eventually, the page was taken down. 

Here's the IMDB page in its glory

 These hoaxes are causing many gaming fans to get frustrated with the uncertainty around the existence of Fallout 4. Many gamers are asking, begging, and some even outright whining for teasers. Tensions are high, and frustrated consumers are on edge.

Many fans from the Fallout franchise are eagerly awaiting the next possible installment, but there's really no need to harrass a company due to someone else's poor idea of a joke. If there's one thing we want to remember after all these shenanigans, it's this simple message from a fan: 


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Published Nov. 6th 2014
  • Benjamski
    All I know is that they're definitely making a new Fallout and I will anxiously yet patiently, await it's release. Settle down internet.

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